Cafe Volunteers

We’re always looking for new volunteers to join us at our weekly cafes. There are countless tasks to be done and we are flexible with what you choose to do.

  • Food prep and cooking
  • Food service
  • Stock room organising
  • Cafe set-up
  • Pack down and washing up

To get the best out of it, we recommend committing to full days on a regular basis. We are usually running from 9am to 3pm depending on the day and there will be different things to do throughout. We are very flexible though, and can accommodate you even if you need to fit volunteering around a busy schedule.


We need to grow our team of drivers to collect and deliver food. We are looking for people who are able to commit a regular evening to food collection and who have a vehicle themselves or are willing to drive our van. Collections can be very large so you need to be able to lift numerous heavy items.

Marketing and social media 

We are hoping to increase the frequency and quality of our social media content. We need photographers, artists and social media whizzes to help us create content promoting our cause.

For all volunteer enquiries, please contact us with the address below: